What Am I Doing Again?

Oh, right. Trying for the someteenth time to get my voice out there. I suppose the objectification I endure (and quite enjoy, don’t get me wrong) through flaunting my figure around in front of a camera provides a less than substantial amount of gratification these days. The glamour of being told time and again that I am “just not what we’re looking for right now” bolstered my grossly inflated sense of self into a goliath of an ego. Pictures can only provide so much stroking, however. Enough really isn’t enough. 

I must supplement this image of me with words that reflect those visual tributes to my person floating around this vast internet universe. The face has a mouth and that mouth’s gotta speak sometimes. This is that attempt to do so.

Bear with me, I am a bit rusty at this.

An introduction is in order for what is to come! Here we go.


It’s Karlie. 

I am a female. People oft refer to me as a “chill” type with an easygoing attitude. I’ll roll with it.

My age floats around the early twenties. If that cannot be deduced by the black rot that is the voice in this writing then here is the written confirmation. I was college educated without a semblance of an idea over what to do with that education. Instead, this twenty-something pretty girl dove into whatever seemed easiest right after that degree was snail-mailed to my home address. Some people told me I was cut out for a life of the glamorous few. Hearing the speculation was enough to sow seeds of hyperbole and send me rushing to pack suitcases. Cue: the predicament I found myself in after repeated reassurances that intellect was what would carry me through adulthood.

I suppose that idea could wait, at least for the two years that followed. 

This blog is an attempt to recapture those lost years and put them down onto a page for chronicling purposes. Even a shitstorm needs a proper place of rest. Buckle up for the recounting of all that occurred in those early days and the continuing drama that follows.

Yes, I am still waist-deep in this bullshit. 

And I love it.

Welcome to Scarface.

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