I wrote the First Half of This in April

August 3, 2019

An Homage to Spring

As the days stretch long past those we grew accustomed to in the winter months, the sunlight that lingers brings with it a new form of delicious energy. Warmth and light rejuvenate tired wintering bodies and inspire dormant minds to reengage with transformative thought. Spring cleaning, we call it. I prefer to think of it as spring awakening.

We shed our old skins and praise the return of green upon a once gray terrain. The freshness of Earth prompts us to seek out ourselves and find the identity that will describe us for the impending long summer. 

This is the sweet spot: spring. 

The air is still capable of biting you, reminding you of who you told yourself you would be at the turn of January. A difference exists now in regards to the influence of the sun. An assumed role will undoubtedly undergo evolution in this quarter of the year and then, the summer will set it until the cycle begins again. 

As the crisp breeze tickles goosebumps onto exposed skin and sunlight milks melanin from resilient skin cells, we ponder the future. Spring is the looking glass and we are the tellers of personal fortune. A revolution stirs along the darkening of complexion and we seek to realize what it means before it occurs. The trick is to know that we are the influencers of this change. 

To know this is to know that we are also responsible for the outcome. Knowledge like that can elicit fear. 

I try to remain faithful to the promises I made at the beginning of the year and I struggle with adapting consistency as a habit. As the days stretch longer into the evenings I am forced to confront the transformative powers of spring as I always do. 

The season is a beautiful reminder of life and its precious properties; a yearly advertisement for personal potential. Where winter is a cess pool for anxiety and isolation, spring beckons its most reluctant participants out and into the fray. I love spring for this but I also welcome it with some apprehension. Trying to abandon the fearfulness is what I hope to achieve this time around. Maturation calls for a disposal of these traits and I believe this spring cleaning session is a good time to let them go.

Three months gone. Here I am setting words to this specific page again. 

The heat of the sun swelters, challenges. Did the glorious intermediate season fulfill its role and deliver a transformation I sought out so fervently? 


Absolutely not. 

We are great at spinning tales meant for tomorrow. We excel at visualizing what we want and hoping it somehow finds us. To take steps to get there is where we get lost. 

A wrapping summer reminds us of what we wished for, congratulates us for what we managed to achieve. Fall comes to swaddle us before the onset of winter once more.

Thus the cycle repeats again.

Take heart in the arrival of spring. For making promises to ourselves in the happy glow of a renewed world will never cease to give joy. 

Enjoy the whirlwind of summer as it takes your breath away, leaving you only with the memories of days bathed in sun. 

Continue to build.


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