A 7 Day Reflection, A Writing Exercise

August 7, 2019

One week of writing down, so many to go. If I’m honest, I am hoping I can keep going beyond the prescribed 31 days. On this ever extensive quest to find my voice, I feel it’s necessary to reflect on this week real quick.

First thing, damn do I love a fully fleshed out description for the mundane. I guess it makes for pretty prose but can get a bit dry at times. I’d like to keep that flow and the instilled beauty but would enjoy it more if the words were more concise. 

Working on it. Here’s an exercise suggested by a fellow writer friend of mine. Take something, an inanimate object, and describe it with minimal adjectives and without adverbs.

Is it cheating if I choose water? I think not. Let’s dive in.

A cup of water sits just right to the vase of flowers. Both containers hold the fluid, shaping it to its forms. Ice cubes float atop the surface of the cup whilst the neighboring vase hosts the stems of three dying flowers. The liquids, though the composed of identical matter, show differing levels of transparency. The vase holds water seemed plucked from a riverside. Matte and tinged with green, the water looks thick like syrup. Compared to its vibrant and fresh cousin in the cup, it’s almost as if the appearance reflects an age.

It’s something different, writing like this. To try many styles and perspectives over the course of this month is a proper approach to the task of filling these digital pages. 

If anything, it’ll make me laugh when looked back upon later on. And that’s worth a bit.


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