I Saw My Best Friend On Holiday. It Was Great

August 17, 2019

You can’t appreciate your own world without the company of people you love.

A tribute to the humans I love, have loved, will love. The number is small but meaningful. 

Existing in a world of social media, nonstop news coverage and a near dependence on smart phones blinds me often from what is most valuable. How grateful I am to take a step away from all of that and consider what fuels the good days. I think I may have the answer–or something close at least. 

Here’s the thing: when I am left to weather life alone, the result involves a bit of misery on my end. I am quite prone to feeling lonely. Social media does not help the ailment, save for its use to communicate with friends and loved ones. Even this form of communication pales in comparison to the face to face.

I was lucky enough to spend this evening with two people I love a lot. My oldest friend and womb twin was one partner. My companion the other. The simple act of being near to one another was enough to make my heart feel content.

Hugs, hand holds, touch in general. They amplify an experience and infuse in that time a different sort of emotion. The memories are given an extra hue.

As I write this with the sun far gone, I am reminded by the skies of earlier this evening. They drew the three of us from the woods and back to our cabin home. We held hands as the clouds shifted in tones from fiery reds and violets to deep greens and blues. Those colors urged us to stay close and experience it together. I cannot forget all of our heads turned up to look in wonder and amazement at the heavens. The image is burned into my mind. 

All of my great memories involve people. People I love most especially, to be true. If I were to take this little reflection and turn it into advice, here is what I would give: 

Take some time to find the humans that are your tribe. The gift of belonging to a community and expanding your heart to encompass these people enhance your own life by much. Take some time and find them because you won’t regret the days you spend in their company.

In fact, you will probably look back on those simple times with warmth and a smile as I do now.

To many more, my loves.


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