The best way to usher in the final moments of a turbulent decade is a head start on the transitional process, right? 

I am going to lay my faith in this approach with the introduction (only five days tardy) of a December challenge. This is by no means a normal challenge, mind you. Throughout the course of this final month before the 2020s begin, Skarface will undergo a great evolution.

So I hope. 

As you can see by the layout swap, these changes are already beginning their implementation. This evolutionary process that awaits myself and this little personal journal of mine will take Skarface from being a notepad for anxious thoughts read by few and elevate it.

That is my goal, at least.

I found myself recently in a cold sweat. Here I am, in the exact middle of my twenties with that awful feeling of stagnation. As everyone around me continued their push up and over the boundaries that define them, I remained comfortably safe where I was. 

Anyways, ENOUGH ABOUT ME. Skarface will no longer be written in a self-serving manner like posts in the past. I want to create written content that people want to read. Sure, personal touches will be thrown in as I am quite chained to my inner voice. 

That voice will present matters of the public more so than matters that only I care to read. 

Consider this the announcement and expect newer, better.

I hope you enjoy the ride, the evolution, everything. And hey, thanks for reading me and everything that came before me, too. 

Stick around, I promise it will be worth your while.


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