Polarizing Subjects: On the Climate

A break from our regular programming. Whatever that turns out to be is still a mystery.

Bear with me as I gather my bearings and search for the niche I belong to. Until then, here’s some opinions about the current climate crisis.

Cop25 is nearly at its end in Madrid. The negotiations promise little progress. The Paris agreement, once the emissions-slaying bible, is obsolete. Emissions are hitting record highs alongside global temperatures.

No one feels the urgency more than the 500,000 protestors in Madrid’s streets. In fact, those discussing may not feel the urgency at all.

Wherever you are, ignoring greenhouse gases and global warming is an impossible feat. The rise of global temperature is a subject of conversation as common as the weather. 

The subject doubles also as a weapon.

Our climate system is a polarizing topic. Finding a balanced medium to the discussion is farfetched for most participants. You either curse all forms of carbon production or curse the idea that sustainability is a valid solution at all.

Searching Google with the simple term “COP25” will lend no unbiased results. The news tab hosts only extreme points of view from both sides. The science is lacking; only politics live here.

Polarity like this is the new norm. Subjects no longer exist on an even spectrum. Politics, science, religion, the people that engage in these discussions are flag bearers for warring parties.

If ever a time existed for the creation of a balanced battleground it’s now. These subjects are not simple enough to compartmentalize into black vs white. 

This war of ideas must become civil if we are to do some good. Public demonstrations can only do so much.

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  1. Well written. If we all, business owners, environmentalists, activists, if we all took on the responsibility of being a good steward of the things we manage, perhaps the conversations would become more productive.

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