Something Happy

Turbulent times are quick to summon anxiety, angst, fear. Like jumping from a cliff, the rush elicits a carnal reaction to the goings-on. It’s only natural to respond in such a way. My writings reflect that. 

I wanted to write something authentic but also positive. For as much darkness that follows me through life’s transgressions, so much more light exists before and all around me too. To see it is to marvel at what’s unfolding for me. I take steps and see horizons I never thought possible before. What a joy to be alive, to take it all in. 

The simplicity of warm sun on the skin, the melodic push and pull of earth’s great oceans. Both grounding and willing when beheld, when felt. 

An embrace from a loved-one long held dear. So warm and precious. 

The happiness that comes from being privileged enough to take it all in wills tears to my eyes. 

A long trek to get here. A longer trek still to unlock all that awaits. For the first time in a while, I am eager to embark. So silly I was to turn my back on the good. My advice? Do not do as I have. Do not retreat into the comfort of wallowing and self-pity. This is time poorly spent. Every breath taken and released is a gift.

Every happy memory, a triumph. All of it is worthwhile. This I know.


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