I stepped out into the morning light as I’d done many times before. Like clockwork the sun painted the horizon in its set points and lent its warmth to varying degrees.

The sensation was so familiar, I sought it out like a daughter hoping for comfort from the embrace of a parent. With eyes closed, I took a deep breath in and let the conditioned air nourish my blood.

The world turns, flinging itself around the sun in a dance that never ceases. I came to be in the throes of nature’s rituals and will return to dust before those rituals finish. 

Insignificance, once so crushing, now offered solace amidst the turbulence of being human. 

Lesser are we to forget our own simplicity; the palpitations of the heart, the rhythm of the diaphragm, the blink of an eye. Life works in a way that requires no over complication. To remember the ease at which we move and breathe and work is to nullify the trials and tribulations that appear as mountains impossible to scale. 

A pain buried itself into my breast, so palpable and real. I stepped out into the morning light as I’d done many times before. The sun, stalwart and magnificent, bathed me in radiance. My heart beat on, my lungs caught fresh air and nourished my blood. Systems perfected to carry me on into the world did as they’d always done. Aches from broken promises evaporated in the heat, leaving behind only a body wiped clean.

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  1. The new day bathed in sunlight is a gift from God over and over. A miracle to start fresh and new. I love your writing….it inspires me!


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