Midnight Pentameter

A summer breeze brushed the skin of my cheek.

On impulse, my eyes shuttered to allow for

the brief sensation to overwhelm my senses.

Touch and smell, taste and sound; all bore witness.

The warm air I sipped tasted delicious.

Trees shivered against the soft-spoken wind;

I could hear their brushing of leaf to leaf.

Warmth coated the inside of my nostrils

and channeled the great feeling of comfort

I had since tied securely to the scent.

The breeze lent me a secret as it passed.

It whispered, “a great joy reveals itself

in the seconds spent beyond your mind’s walls.”

I opened my eyes to a clear blue sky

and the vivid green of vegetation.

The colors fit together in perfect

synchronicity. Earth revealed itself:

one million diff’rent times a second.

Overwhelmed, my hand lifted to feel the

steady beat of a caged heart, rattling

away, from its solace within my breast.

I have been here before, I told myself.

I have been here one million times. Then,

in the world only I knew, a sound rang.

A lone bird sang a song so familiar.

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