November 4

I was born today.

Life flows in its incessant and never-ending beat, carrying on in earnest ignorance to the significance of a day, an hour, the seconds that tick on. Though significance really is a silly thing we call these days. We ascribe to them a symbolism and pay specific attention to a few that occur in similar spots along Earth’s orbit of the sun. In reality, this system hurdles through the universe just like the rest of the cosmos. No one second will mimic those that came before it.

I was born here, today. Earth spun far from its sun, basked in long stretches of darkness and brief days. Leaves burned orange in the early dusk, awaiting their turn to fly on the shoulders of the season’s crisp breeze. The shedding of old layers, these foliage feathers would melt into the soil and feed their mothers and daughters before the year’s great slumber. I was born amongst the great transitionary period where winter marched in on the heels of balmy summer days to quiet the Earth and force its will of introspection upon the land.

My first breaths were of crisp autumn air. My skin, covered in maternal ooze, felt friction for the first time under a fluorescent white light. The world was dark and quiet, save for my own shrieks and gurgles. The days separating me from then will never be the same.

Yet I return to that stretch of Earth that saw to my arrival here, I see the patterns in the season that welcomed me in. I feel the familiarity of the air as it circulates through my lungs. Crisp and autumnal. The symbolism holds us tightly in its grasp. As the seasons change and we are confronted by that similar feeling of queer significance, we cannot escape the meaning behind the yearly ritual of celebration. Or, perhaps for some, meditation.

Another year slips past. The warmth of summer marked its end for me. I am confronted by time’s incessant march ever more. Leaves like feathers fall, brushing dry grass and emitting whispers. Soon the prairie that raised me will blanket itself in white snow, quieting everything. I will walk hand in hand with time.


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