So Sad Today – Revisited

Another year cycles by. Wisdom pours from the days like water over a cliff side. On the year anniversary of my grandfather’s death, I look to the poem I wrote from the grief that followed and am inspired to bring what I’ve learned to it in an attempt to make a version more whole, more complete.

This is what I got.

So Sad Today

Loss has a way of taking pieces

Of you when it goes

Leaving holes you try awfully

Hard to fill.

Entropy flows one way

Not the other. No matter how much

We wish it did.

Dismantled by the linear brevity of time

Clinging to moments of bliss inevitably lost

In its cruel march

Ever onward. Good is it for us to be reminded that

Though the current never ceases, it is through the understanding of temporality we know

What is truly precious.

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