Midnight Pentameter

A summer breeze brushed the skin of my cheek. On impulse, my eyes shuttered to allow for the brief sensation to overwhelm my senses. Touch and smell, taste and sound; all bore witness. The warm air I sipped tasted delicious. Trees shivered against the soft-spoken wind; I could hear their brushing of leaf to leaf. […]

Twenty Minutes

I attended a Writer’s Coalition in the Big Apple last week. After a relentless pursuit of the New York City writing community, I landed myself a spot in this pretty library on 79th street. Writers of every sort sat huddled around four tables pushed together. The proctor was an artsy type with big eyes and […]


August 12, 2019 I don’t think I am yet at the point where I create content that appeals to the masses but in this moment I don’t really care all that much. Writing is still something I do for fun and the mentality shift from fun to hustle is a slow but steady transition. Anyways, […]