The Other Side

A mountain casts one oblong shadow dark enough to feel smothering. To approach it sends long fingers of nerve down the spine. Every step in procession breeds anxiety. The mind becomes defensive,  In a way, the darkness feels pleasant once it’s gotten used to. It’s like a warm and heavy blanket.  To climb up and […]

Happiness in 2020

Sunlight acts as a natural source of fuel for the rested diurnal beasts. As it climbs back into a sky once void of its presence, warm orange hues invigorate the sleepy. Songs of birds add to the furor- force the lying to rise. The first moments of transition between unconscious to lucid is like surfacing […]

Living Forever

Something about dark spaces with brief intervals of intense and neon light. Something about bass so deep and penetrating it rattles ribcages.  Something about a world that tricks inhabitants into forgetting mortality exists. How, they think, can anything living here ever die? A door opens. Believers file in one after the other. Whatever they leave […]

Phone Call

You are a broken thing, patched together by your own two hands. The work is makeshift and haphazard but it’s honest. Though those pieces may not fit in perfect tandem, the way they connect to create the shape of you is lovely.  Not of a straight line but of a path awkwardly traveled. Pieces fell […]